Spine Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Spine Surgeon in Beverly Hills

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Jason M. Cuéllar, M.D., Ph.D. is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA. He provides compassionate treatment of patients with spinal disorders; both non-surgical and surgical. He focuses on total disk replacement (artificial disk replacement) and minimally invasive spine surgery. In addition, he provides non-operative treatment of knee pain, including injections of a novel biologic therapy for mild and moderate osteoarthritis. He is affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Spine Center of Excellence and Dr. Todd H. Lanman of Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery.

He treats various disorders of the spine, including cervical disk herniation, cervical radiculopathy, cervical myelopathy, neck pain, cervical stenosis, cervical disk degeneration, lumbar disk herniation, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar stenosis, lumbar degenerative disk disease and low back pain.


Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar, MD, PhD

Prior to medical school, Dr. Jason Cuéllar completed an undergraduate degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at U.C. Davis, followed by a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology, where he researched the mechanisms of pain and pain pathophysiology within the spinal cord. He had an early interest in how exactly a disc herniation causes pain at the molecular level.

Dr. Jason M. Cuéllar completed his training in orthopaedic surgery at the prestigious New York University-Hospital for Joint Diseases (NYU-HJD). During this 6-year training period he treated patients at the two busiest level-1 trauma centers in New York state. He received training in spinal surgery from world-renowned scoliosis and deformity spinal surgeons Drs. Thomas Errico, Frank Schwab and Peter Passias, among many others.

While at NYU-HJD, Dr. Cuéllar completed an extra year as a musculoskeletal research fellow, performing both basic science and clinical research to advance the field of spine surgery and inflammatory cytokine research.



Dr. Cuellar ia a highly trained and skilled orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in disorders of the spine. At our office and in our surgical center, you will receive the highest quality care. Our staff will ensure that your visit exceeds your expectations. We feel it is our mission to educate our patients about their health care options and to help guide them to choose a treatment plan that best fits their needs.

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