Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

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Artificial Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

When you have a spinal injury, the pain can be agonizing and have a profound and prolonged effect on your quality of life and your ability to perform simple tasks. Dr. Jason M Cuellar, a leader in spine surgery, can change all that for the better. He is a trusted, fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon who provides compassionate treatment of patients with spinal disorders; both non-surgical and surgical. He focuses on disc replacement (artificial disc replacement) in Beverly Hills and minimally invasive spine surgery. His practice includes treatment of various disorders of the spine such as cervical disc herniation, cervical radiculopathy, cervical myelopathy, neck pain, cervical stenosis, cervical disc degeneration, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar stenosis, lumbar degenerative disc disease, and low back pain.

Dr. Cuellar and his team are experts at disc replacement in Beverly Hills while still maintaining spinal movement. As such, he prefers disc replacement to spinal fusion. Total replacement of a spinal intervertebral disc is known by several terms, such as total disc replacement (TDR), artificial disc replacement (ADR) or total disc arthroplasty (TDA). All of these terms refer to the same thing – removing a diseased intervertebral disc and replacing it with a device made mostly of various mixes of medical grade metal. Sometimes the device also contains a part which is made of specialized wear-resistant plastic referred to as high-molecular weight polyethylene which is the same material used in total hip and total knee replacements.

Dr. Cuéllar understands the importance of non-operative treatments when appropriate, and tailoring care to each individual patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Cuéllar will take the time you need to discuss all options available and explain recommendations in detail using diagrams, spine models and video as needed. He understands how difficult it is for a patient to have disc replacement in Beverly Hills and he therefore recommends this treatment only as a last resort after all non-operative treatments have failed. His compassionate staff will work with you to determine your best treatment options to restore optimum function and freedom from pain. Call for an appointment today.

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